Date: Friday September 23rd 2016 Phoenix Hotel


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Division 1 Women

MVP – Ebony Rolph

MVP Runner Up – Tiarna Rolph


Division 1 Men

MVP – Jamie Plowman

MVP Runner Up – Zac Murphy


Division 3 Women Magic

MVP – Jade Lockwood

MVP Runner Up – Caroline Smith


Division 3 Men

MVP – Jayden Golebiowski

MVP Runner Up – Matt Milanovic


Under 23 Boys Div 2

MVP – George Kikos

MVP Runner Up – Cameron Martin


Under 20 Boys

MVP – Jack Stolp

MVP Runner Up – Kael Singeline


Under 20 Boys Grey

MVP – Josh Neri

MVP Runner Up – Patrick Kavenagh

Date: Sunday September 18th 2016 


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Under 18 Girls Div 1

MVP – Elizabeth Gasparini

MVP Runner Up – Ayrlea Clark


Under 18 Girls Div 2

Tied MVP – Victoria Wood

MVP – Lily Kevelham

Coaches Award – Amie Verescuk



Under 18 Boys Div 3

MVP – Caleb Kenyon

MVP Runner Up – Patrick Davis

Coaches Award – Sunday Ayaiik


Under 18 Boys Magic Div 3

MVP – Zac Willie

MVP Runner Up – Branden Morrison

Coaches Award –Brandon Windsor


Under 16 Girls Div 1

MVP – Olivia Willie

MVP Runner Up – Jordan Gasparini

Coaches Award – Ebony Richards


Under 16 Girls Div 2

MVP – Kaitlyn Walters

MVP Runner Up – Talia Lombardo

Coaches Award – Zoe Muir


Under 16 Boys Div 1

MVP – Seth Garcia

MVP Runner Up – Will Wookey

Coaches Award – Hugh Steele


Under 16 Boys Div 3

MVP – Max Fomin

MVP Runner Up – Mitchell Ollis

Coaches Award – Angus McWaters


Under 14 Girls Div 1

MVP – Brunswick Sharp

MVP Runner Up – Aimee Wookey

Coaches Award – Madeleine Connor


Under 14 Girls Div 2

MVP – Aruai Lueth

MVP Runner Up – Sophie Hill

Coaches Award – Emily Marks


Under 14 Boys Div 2

MVP – Harry DenDryver

MVP Runner Up – Harry Moran

Coaches Award – Pat Johnstone


Under 14 Boys Div 3

MVP – Mathew Mc Govern

MVP Runner Up – Sevyn Kellett


Coaches Award – Cooper Ollis

Under 12 Girls Div 1

MVP – Julia Akmacic

MVP Runner Up – Saije Costello


Coaches Award – Alyssa Cross

Under 12 Boys Div 1

MVP – Oscar Leavold

MVP Runner Up – Hamish Codd

Coaches Award – Jesse Mellor


Under 12 Boys Div 3

MVP – Maverick Walsh 

MVP Runner Up – Cody Pekin 

Coaches Award – Neo Robertson


Under 10 Girls Div ½

 Daisy Abikair

 Isabelle Bowman

 Bonnie –Layde Cross

 Emmalee Gray

 Evie Moran

 Charlee Sutherland

 Lexie Talarico


Under 10 B Boys Div 3

 Brannan Chisholm

 Bailey Sutherland

 Brock Taorei

 Harrison Messimore

 Isaac Gandolfo

 Sebastian Di Mauro

 Miller Leslie


Junior Club person

 Madeline Connor


Club Person

 Zac Murphy




Under 10 - 2008, 2009, and 2010

Under 12 - players born in 2006 and 2007

Under 14 - players born in 2004 and 2005

Under 16 - players born in 2002 and 2003

Under 18 - players born in 2000 and 2001

Under 20 - players born in 1998 and 1999

Under 23 - players born in 1995, 1996 and 1997

If you still owe this season's fees you can pay them through this site

The transaction handler is Paypal and you do not require a Paypal account to make a payment.

You can also let the club know you are making a direct deposit through this form.

If you have any problems with the process please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




The 2016 Winter Season is off and running. A big thanks to all those who helped make it happen this year especially Mellisa Davis.

Please remember to get your registrations in if you have not done so already. New players can register through this site and if your details have changed then just fill in the online form and we can update the database.

If you can not make a training session or a game your coach needs to be informed as soon as possible.

Finally quick shout out to the Division 1 Women who had a massive win over YMCA 77 - 42. A great way to start their campaign.

Winter is the Championship season of the Basketball Geelong competition.

This year it commences on the week starting the 11th April 2016.

Our team lists will be up soon.

The Dolphins Basketball Club is looking to build on the successes of our last Winter campaign and good preperation from players and coaches will ensure a great start.

Good luck to all teams.




Congratulations to the Dolphins sides who have made the Summer competition Grand Finals. Getting there reflects determination and commitment from players and coaches. We ask club members to get along and support these teams over the next week.


Dolphins U14 Girls Div 1

Grand Final: Vs YMCA 

Time: Tuesday 22nd March 5:00 PM Arena 1

Players: Jazz Wood, Madeleine Connor, Brunswick Sharp, Annabelle Connor, Molly Kent, Aimee Wookey, Jada Skennerton, Emma Akmacic

Coach: Andy Wood  "Great season and a great group of girls"

Notes: Team finished second on the ladder during the regular season.

Result: YMCA 34 - Dolphins 31


Dolphins U18 Girls Div 1

Grand Final: Vs Tryboys Bears 

Time: Tuesday 22nd March 7:00 PM Arena 1

Players: Kaitlin Blythe, Arylea Clark, Abbey Stolp, Chloe Lee, Elizabeth Gasparini, Ana Garcia, Katelyn Edwards, Victoria Wood

Coach: David Tripodi

Notes: Team finished fourth on the ladder during the regular season.

Result: Tryboys Bears 47 - Dolphins 41


Dolphins U14 Boys Div 2

Grand Final: Vs YMCA 

Time: Wednesday 23rd March 6:00 PM Arena 3

Players: Harry Moran, Jet Langenberg, Darnell Edwards, Dyllan Rabino, Harry Den Dryver, Nate Ingles Antoni Dunimagloski, Oliver Mcfarlane

Coach: Justin Langenburg

Notes: Team finished fourth on the ladder during the regular season.

Result: Dolphins 46 - YMCA 47


Dolphins U12 Girls Div 1

Grand Final: Vs YMCA 

Time: Thursday 24th March 6:00 PM Arena 1

Players: Julia Akmacic, Grace Spehar, Saije Potter, Jayde Marjanovic, Katie Johnstone, Alyssa Cross, Poppy Courtney, Zoe Richards, Latiyah Corrigan, Saije Costello

Coach: Stef Tripodi

Notes: Team finished first on the ladder during the regular season.

Result; Dolphins 46 - YMCA 34

Congratulations to Stef and the girls on a great win.

Regrettably there will be a fee increase of $10 each for Dolphins Basketball Club membership this Winter Season.

This will be the club's first fee increase in over 10 years but it has reached the point where training costs have outstripped our revenue.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.



Hi to all our members,
We hope you have all had a fantastic holiday season and are looking forward to get back on board for the remainder of our 2016 summer season.  If any of you have any concerns or questions regarding Dolphins basketball please remember to contact the secretary’s directly.
Melissa Davis – Boys Secretary:   secretaryboys@
Stef Tripodi – Girls Secretary:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Our senior teams have already been back for a week (And a men’s Div 1 win so I hear) well done guys!
Juniors are back MONDAY 25!  For games and training.  Check basketball Geelong for time and venue. 
TUESDAY 26  is a public holiday so no training or games on Tuesday. 
Training venues and times are the same as last year unless your coach has been told otherwise.  Remember to contact your coach first if you cannot train or play.
A big THANK YOU  to everyone who participated in the Bunnings barbeque in December… was our best ever!
We will be having an Easter fundraiser if any of our parents/senior players can help out please shoot me an email,  many hands make light work.
Let’s finish this season on a high.
Thank you all. Go Dolphins!

After a couple of seasons regrouping the Dolphin's senior mens side is once again back into Division 1.

Still without a tall but sporting a committed coach and team of players who put a together strong season in the twos it is great to see them taking this step.