Before the new season starts, I would like to thank all those who play, support, drive, score, train, coach and help the season run smoothly.

Especially those who continue to coach and play, support myself, and every team out there every week. THANK YOU!

I would also like to thank coaches that have been in the club for seasons (and years!) that have given their time and commitment to the club.

The end of this season also brings an end to an era, Shane who coached our u12s is stepping down- all you have done is much appreciated and we wish you well being a parent on the sideline! A well deserved break.

It also ends an era for two girls that have been part of this club since u10s. Ebony and Olivia have hung up their basketball boots after 11 and 10 years. A huge thanks to the girls for committing to the club for so long and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and hopefully we see you in the green uniform in the future!


richards 2

Division 1 Women

MVP – Kim Martin

MVP Runner Up – Lydia Gasparini


Division 3 Men

MVP – George Kikos

MVP Runner Up – Aaron Elea


Division 2 Women

MVP – Prue Walsh

MVP Runner Up – Sarah Cleaver


Division 3 Women Magic

MVP – Elizabeth Gasparini

MVP Runner Up – Chantelle Graham


Under 23 Boys Div 2

MVP – Joshua Neri

MVP Runner Up – Kael Singline


Division 7 Men

MVP – Thomas Elea

MVP Runner Up – Ryan White


Under 18 Girls Div 1

MVP – Jordan Gasparini

MVP Runner Up – Aimee Wookey

Coaches Award – Bridget Evenden


Under 18 Boys Div 3

MVP – Callum McCarthy

MVP Runner Up – Branden Morrison

Coaches Award – Mitchell Ollis


Under 18 Boys Div 4

MVP – Frankie Florio

MVP Runner Up – Jack Cassidy

Coaches Award – Aydon Cook


Under 16 Girls Div 1

MVP – Aimee Wookey

MVP Runner Up – Molly Kent

Coaches Award – Eliza Haugh


Under 16 Girls Div 2

MVP – Mel Simpson

MVP Runner Up – Sophie Hill

Coaches Award – Oliva Richards


Under 16 Boys Div 1

MVP – Patrick Johnstone

            Harry Den Dryver

Coaches Award – Oliver Armstrong


Under 16 Boys Div 3

MVP – Rhys Ginn

MVP Runner Up – Cooper Vaughan

Coaches Award – Josh Michalik


Under 16 Boys Magic Div 3

MVP – Jordan Gandolfo

MVP Runner Up – Rout Nyieth

Coaches Award – Brock Rosenow


Under 14 Girls Div 1

MVP – Grace Spehar

MVP Runner Up – Julia Akmacic

Coaches Award – Alyssa Cross


Under 14 Boys Div 2

MVP – Oscar Leavold

             Hamish Codd

Coaches Award – Jesse Mellor

Under 14 Boys Div 5

MVP – Xavier Gandolfo

MVP Runner Up – Jesse Wright

Coaches Award – Zach Messimore


Under 14 Boys Magic Div 4

MVP – Darcy Stack

MVP Runner Up – Billy Greaves

Coaches Award – Jack Flaherty


Under 12 Girls Div 1

MVP – Evie Moran

MVP Runner Up – Bonnie Cross

Coaches Award – Kiarni Low


Under 12 Boys Div 3

MVP – Sam Bolton

MVP Runner Up – Bailey Sutherland

Coaches Award – Brodie Bolton


Under 12 Boys Magic Div 3

MVP – Issac Gandolfo

MVP Runner Up – Sebastian Di Mauro

Coaches Award – Brayden Hudynski


Under 10/12 Girls Div 3

Amelia Di Mauro

Aweng Ayom

Charlee Sutherland

Elena Bozic

Emmalee Gray

Grace Rogers

Isabella Fancellu

Jayme Graham

Yazmin McBain


Under 10 B Boys Div 3

Aston Kellett

Cassidy Laidlaw

Dex Walsh

Griffin Sweeney

Harrison Messimore

Jordan Romeo

Sebastian Gandolfo

Club person of the year

George Kikos


Junior club person

Harry Moran

14 boys Div 2 – extra awards

Sixth man of the year – Will Stein

Rookie of the year – Mavrick Walsh

Best defensive player of the year – Noah Gillatt

Best rebounder – Lachie Gilligan

Most Improved player – Seth McCleish

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2019/2020 Summer Season and 2020 Winter Season:

     Age Group Divisions

Under 10 – born in 2011, 2012, and 2013

Under 12 – born in 2009 and 2010

Under 14 – born in 2007 and 2008

Under 16 – born in 2005 and 2006

Under 18 – born in 2003 and 2004

Under 20 – born in 2001 and 2002

Under 23 – born in 1998, 1999 and 2000

Some happy snaps of some of our finals teams! Congratulations to all players and coaches!! What an amazing effort to get there and represent our club!


Go Dolphins!


Hey Everyone, 


We hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Just letting you all know that the winter season teams are now posted under the 'Winter Teams' tab! These teams are the teams being entered into the winter competition with Basketball Geelong. 
Please be aware that some teams may change due to players dropping out/coming to the club, so we do ask you all to be patient as some teams may update/change during the holidays.

Players will be contacted by their coaches as soon as they receive their team sheets!

Coaches, as soon as we have finalised players and contact details your team sheets will be sent out to your emails.

If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to email either the junior girls, junior boys or senior co-ordinators.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays, Stay safe and have a great Easter!


Stef and the Committee

u23winHey everyone, 

What a great and successful Summer season we have had. Congratulations to all teams making finals and to those who brought home a flag! Well done to coaches and teams.

We hope you have a safe and great easter break. Winter season teams will be up on the website by the Thursday 6th of April.




The Dolphins Basketball Club is currently seeking experienced players for our Division 1 Mens side for the upcoming Champion Season. We are looking to strengthen an enthusiastic side that has only recently returned to playing at this level.

If you or anyone you know of are interested please contact David Tripodi on 0402670318



The Summer seasion is almost a wrap and the Winter season is just around the corner. If you haven't done so already please let your coach or the club know if you will be playing with the Dolphins Basketball Club. This is the main season of the year and priority will be given to those who can commit for its full length.

Congratulations to all our teams who have managed to make finals over Summer.

Good luck next week.



Date: Friday September 23rd 2016 Phoenix Hotel


2016W10 2016W42 2016W44 2016W45 2016W46 2016W50 2016W50 2016W51 2016W55 2016W58 2016W59 2016W61 2016W64 2016W65 2016W66 2016W67 2016W68 2016W69



Division 1 Women

MVP – Ebony Rolph

MVP Runner Up – Tiarna Rolph


Division 1 Men

MVP – Jamie Plowman

MVP Runner Up – Zac Murphy


Division 3 Women Magic

MVP – Jade Lockwood

MVP Runner Up – Caroline Smith


Division 3 Men

MVP – Jayden Golebiowski

MVP Runner Up – Matt Milanovic


Under 23 Boys Div 2

MVP – George Kikos

MVP Runner Up – Cameron Martin


Under 20 Boys

MVP – Jack Stolp

MVP Runner Up – Kael Singeline


Under 20 Boys Grey

MVP – Josh Neri

MVP Runner Up – Patrick Kavenagh

Date: Sunday September 18th 2016 


2016pres1 2016pres2 2016pres3 2016pres4 2016pres5 2016pres6 2016pres7 2016pres8 2016pres9 2016pres10 2016pres11 2016pres13 2016pres14 2016pres15 2016pres16 2016pres17 2016pres18

Under 18 Girls Div 1

MVP – Elizabeth Gasparini

MVP Runner Up – Ayrlea Clark


Under 18 Girls Div 2

Tied MVP – Victoria Wood

MVP – Lily Kevelham

Coaches Award – Amie Verescuk



Under 18 Boys Div 3

MVP – Caleb Kenyon

MVP Runner Up – Patrick Davis

Coaches Award – Sunday Ayaiik


Under 18 Boys Magic Div 3

MVP – Zac Willie

MVP Runner Up – Branden Morrison

Coaches Award –Brandon Windsor


Under 16 Girls Div 1

MVP – Olivia Willie

MVP Runner Up – Jordan Gasparini

Coaches Award – Ebony Richards


Under 16 Girls Div 2

MVP – Kaitlyn Walters

MVP Runner Up – Talia Lombardo

Coaches Award – Zoe Muir


Under 16 Boys Div 1

MVP – Seth Garcia

MVP Runner Up – Will Wookey

Coaches Award – Hugh Steele


Under 16 Boys Div 3

MVP – Max Fomin

MVP Runner Up – Mitchell Ollis

Coaches Award – Angus McWaters


Under 14 Girls Div 1

MVP – Brunswick Sharp

MVP Runner Up – Aimee Wookey

Coaches Award – Madeleine Connor


Under 14 Girls Div 2

MVP – Aruai Lueth

MVP Runner Up – Sophie Hill

Coaches Award – Emily Marks


Under 14 Boys Div 2

MVP – Harry DenDryver

MVP Runner Up – Harry Moran

Coaches Award – Pat Johnstone


Under 14 Boys Div 3

MVP – Mathew Mc Govern

MVP Runner Up – Sevyn Kellett


Coaches Award – Cooper Ollis

Under 12 Girls Div 1

MVP – Julia Akmacic

MVP Runner Up – Saije Costello


Coaches Award – Alyssa Cross

Under 12 Boys Div 1

MVP – Oscar Leavold

MVP Runner Up – Hamish Codd

Coaches Award – Jesse Mellor


Under 12 Boys Div 3

MVP – Maverick Walsh 

MVP Runner Up – Cody Pekin 

Coaches Award – Neo Robertson


Under 10 Girls Div ½

 Daisy Abikair

 Isabelle Bowman

 Bonnie –Layde Cross

 Emmalee Gray

 Evie Moran

 Charlee Sutherland

 Lexie Talarico


Under 10 B Boys Div 3

 Brannan Chisholm

 Bailey Sutherland

 Brock Taorei

 Harrison Messimore

 Isaac Gandolfo

 Sebastian Di Mauro

 Miller Leslie


Junior Club person

 Madeline Connor


Club Person

 Zac Murphy




Under 10 - 2008, 2009, and 2010

Under 12 - players born in 2006 and 2007

Under 14 - players born in 2004 and 2005

Under 16 - players born in 2002 and 2003

Under 18 - players born in 2000 and 2001

Under 20 - players born in 1998 and 1999

Under 23 - players born in 1995, 1996 and 1997

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The transaction handler is Paypal and you do not require a Paypal account to make a payment.

You can also let the club know you are making a direct deposit through this form.

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