Dolphins Club Membership and Geelong Basketball Registration must be paid before taking the court


Dolphins Club Membership per season

$60 - per junior player

$100 - per family

$70 - senior players

Direct deposit – Bendigo Bank- Branch- 633000 – Account 108914185 with your surname as a reference. This is a seasonal payment…winter and summer


Geelong Basketball Registration to be paid to G.A.B.A. (Geelong Amateur Basketball Association) at the Arena in North Geelong. This is an annual payment.

Costs $75 (both juniors and seniors).

This is the amount if registration is done online (internet). To pay this way go to

If paid in person at the Arena, there is a $10 surcharge per player.

Please note that each game day/night you need to purchase a game ticket at the arena, which is as follows ….

Juniors - $9      U20/U23 -   $9    Adults -    $10