On behalf of the Dolphins Basketball Club Committee and Coach’s, we wish to thank you very much for volunteering to be a Team Manager.

Just to help you out we have listed some of the duties that we would like you to take care of this season.

Please make sure that all players new and old register for the season with G.A.B.A.  See the side menu for details about fees.  The team will lose their points if unregistered players play.

The score sheet at each game must be filled in with the players names at least five minutes before the game is due to begin. If not done in time, we are liable to lose points off our score at half time. An example of how to fill in the players names is below.

J. SMITH (First initial and surname)  52 (singlet number)

Make sure that handwriting is legible and names spelt correctly.

Check that each player has placed their playing ticket in the Dolphins plastic pocket attached to the score sheet. 

Please make up a scoring roster for each parent so that all parents take turn in scoring.

It is not your job to score all the time, but at the same time please ensure that there is a scorer ready.

Make sure all current and new parents have an up to date fixture and are aware of any game/training time changes. If there are alterations of home details (phone Numbers/addresses) of players, please note these down and pass on to the coach and a Committee member.

During the season there will be flyers to hand out from the club, raffle tickets etc. Could you please ensure that these are distributed and collected by the due date.

In the Dolphins office at the Leisure Centre, each team has a designated pigeon hole, any flyers, information sheets etc are placed in there for you to distribute to your team members. Ask your coach at training to show you the office and please make a regular check to see if there is anything to be handed out.   

If there are any injuries during the course of the game, please remember to get the referee/coach to record the players name and injury on the reverse side of the score sheet at the end of the game for future reference.

Thankyou again for volunteering, it is very much appreciated by your coach.