Boys and Girls Secretaries


  • -          Receive expressions of interest vie email (email provided to you by club) or text/phone.
  • -          Respond to emails gathering information on player Date of birth, experience etc
  • -          Look at current teams and contact coach regarding additional players
  • -          Liaise with parents about training, games, coach contact, uniforms, fees and registrations.
  • -          Follow up with coach and parent one to two weeks later to ensure players are going ok.


  • -          Discuss team selections with President/ Vice President and coaches
  • -          Create teams according to age and skill level
  • -          Hand over team sheet to coach and allow coach to contact players regarding training and games
  • -          If no coach available, liaise with parents on the team to try and secure a volunteer to take on coaching responsibility
  • -          Obtain copy of Working with Children’s Check (if parents don’t have one, guide them to obtaining a free WWCC)
  • -          During ‘grading’ touch base with coaches to ensure teams are in the correct division
  • -          Touch base with teams over the season to check the players and coaches are going ok.
  • -          Support treasurer in chasing up fees (alerting the coach/team representative)
  • -          Ensure player numbers are correct
  • Update Teams on Dolphins Website



  • -          Contact coaches to complete returning player forms (player confirmation form)
  • -          Find out award winners (winter season only)
  • -          Contact coaches to see if they will continue to coach the following season